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The Assignment is a task allocated to the students in their course of the academic career by the teacher. Writing assignment will help students to organize ideas. It helps them to explicit the ideas. Writing always deepens thinking and also increases student’s engagement in the course material. Assignments also force the student to read more thoroughly and critically analyse the views over the topic. Through assignment writing, teachers get to know their student in a better way. In an assignment writing task a particular point is given by the teacher to the student on which they have to submit. The assignment is an excellent platform to improve their writing skills. If the students are not involved in this academic course of writing then they will atrophies if it is not practiced regularly. Learning to write well is quite difficult and requires sustained and repeated practice so a student must invoke themselves in assignment writing in their academic curriculum. Moreover writing assignment will allow teaching a student how to manage time. It will bring fluency in their writing skills. As it is well- known reality that in every school, college and university the focus is on writing assignment so as to build up their presentation skills as well as assist in comprehending the given topic comprehensively.
But it has been seen that the students fail to write an assignment correctly in the academic term. The reason may be due to lack of necessary guidance by the teachers. Most of the times it is seen that teacher fail to describe to the student the exact meaning of the topic given to write for the assignment. Sometimes if the student manages to write also, then there will number of grammatical errors in the contents which will degrade the marks of the student. As the students are always in a hurry to submit the assignment they do not revise the topic. They always fail to maintain a proper format while writing an assignment.
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