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Writing an essay is a very difficult task that the pupils have to do at high school and college level. They need to prepare early and have the self-belief that they will be able to complete this task. Following are the points that the students should consider while writing essays

  1. Read the subject matter very carefully. Also, doing some preliminary reading is very important. Students should make sure that they highlight the important keywords. Students should identify the subject terms while reading.
  2. Pupils should try to be selective in their task and use those resources which are accessible and relevant. Taking down notes in their own terms is also very necessary. They should also jot down the quotations which may be specifically useful.
  3. Brainstorming the ideas and thoughts in response to the question of the essay is also very essential. They should also use a mind map in order to kindle imaginative thinking.
  4. Last but not the least; students should develop a proper thesis which encapsulates the response to the subject matter. This statement should be strong enough that it expresses the overall response to the topic. Also, following the proper format is very necessary.

With the end of the term comes the forthcoming essay deadline. Students consider essay writing as a very dreadful task and thus, they face a lot of issues. Organizing the essay is one of the most common issues faced by the students these days. They are not able to structure the argument of the essay. Students also face problems in convincing the readers with solid and hard-to-disprove claims. There are many students who fail in articulating their thoughts very effectively. Phrasing the ideas and thoughts with the accurate terms is often very problematic for the pupils.
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