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Writing an essay is an academic task assigned to the pupils as the course of an assignment. Whilst composing an essay, students should make sure that they abide by the following points:

  1. Writing the first draft: The first draft of the essay is not the final essay. Students should take it as a raw material that they will improve by editing and re-summarizing. Once the students prepare a rough draft, they can easily write their essays.
  2. Structure: The structure of the essay is the most effectual way by which the pupils can converse their opinions and ideas and also answer the subject matter.
  3. Introduction: First things first, the introduction is the most important part of the essay. While writing the introduction, students should start commencing the short orientation and answer the essay question with the thesis statement.
  4. Body paragraphs: Each paragraph of the essay body is the building block of the argument. The body of the essay is where the pupils have to answer the question of the essay by discussing it.
  5. Conclusion: Last but not the least, the conclusion of the essay will move from specific to general. It will re-state and re-summarize the answer to the question of the essay.

Writing an essay is a very dreadful task for the pupils these days. They come upon a lot of obstacles while writing their essays. First issue is writer’s block. This is the feeling when the pupils find it impossible to put their thoughts onto the paper. This issue literally cripples the knacks of the students to write for long or short spans of time. Another issue that is faced by the writers is plagiarism. This is because students totally rely on the internet sources and some students are not able to cite the sources of the essays. Also, there are many pupils who face problems in gathering relevant data for their essay question.
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