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The dissertation is a long essay on a specific subject. The subject should be the one related to which a student wants to obtain a degree. Unlike a thesis, a dissertation includes details to prove a thesis. It has a clear set of objectives and central questions. It is thoroughly planned as without blueprint, it is difficult to do a good research. A perfect dissertation gives a picture of how stronghold does a student have on the subject. Usually, a dissertation is divided into six chapters i.e. introduction, abstract model, proof of model, presentation of data collected, presentation of additional results and conclusion. Where a usual research paper consists of 10 pages, a dissertation can be extended from 100 to 160 pages but that doesn’t mean that a student should end up writing everything, a dissertation should hold only that much content that is relevant. A Dissertation need not be too broad but certainly long enough to make sense. Each finding is explained with evidence. A to-be- Ph.D. holder is a master of his/her topic and that should be reflected by the dissertation. A dissertation is evaluated by a committee and used by other candidates while they work on their own dissertation. Therefore, a dissertation only needs to be correct and complete and not be a magnum opus.
The dissertation is the most important paper a student will come across in his/her academic life, and surely would have never done before anything like that. In the first place, students sometimes find themselves stuck when they are asked to choose topics from their professor as one has to be cautious about it because she/he is the one who will be researching on it. Therefore, a topic should be of interest and easy to understand. Whereas for some research proves to be a daunting task and on the other hand, few find presentation part challenging.
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