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The dissertation is a long composition on a particular topic written at college, university level or to obtain a diploma. In the dissertation, there is an argument responsive to the thesis. Diploma or degree programs choose dissertation as their final piece of study. It is because; it gives an opportunity to students to identify their own area of interest, which is unlikely in assignments. Unlike an essay, it is an elongated piece divided into chapters and containing in depth matter on the subject. Dissertation involves in-depth research on the topic chosen, brainstorming, mind mapping, it enhances student’s knowledge, allows them to manage their work from inception until the end. It imparts intellectual and information exploring skills in students. The word dissertation comes from Latin word “dissertare”, which means “to debate” and just like in debate every argument is supported by an evidence of fact so does in a dissertation. Dissertation works on scientific method i.e. supporting a thesis, whether one defends it or is against it, with evidence is what makes dissertation writing task complex. Critical-thinking, analysis, interpretations are life and blood of a dissertation. Format structure and style vary in case of the dissertation as it solely depends on the institute to institute.
For successful dissertation writing, students need to be at their level best in reading, writing and researching. A dissertation is not exclusively about facts; students also need to give their personal point of view and discuss the lessons learned from them, which may intimidate them. But at times, students express only personal views, or mention direct quotations and miss out on an analytical part and ends up sacrificing their marks. A dissertation demands a lot of exploration, time crunch and lack of time management make the task of dissertation writing more challenging. Finding relevant data that will support their argument also make dissertation writing daunting for students.
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