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A dissertation writer should be highly qualified. His writing should be flawless. His works should be excellent and stupendous. A professional writer must have the ability to write texts correctly. He should achieve all the qualification and degree which is required. His statements must be logical one. A good writer should be aware of plagiarism. He should know that plagiarism is a lie and a crime and try his best to avoid it.As a professional writer he should be aware of all the styles and format while writing a dissertation and also must be expert in time management. Apart from all he should have excellent research skills. He should possess all the qualities of a good reader. He should obtain all the strategies that will help him to read quickly and effectively. A writer should have excellent writing skills. He should know the spelling, grammar and punctuation rules in order to avoid mistakes. His analytical and descriptive power should be a strong one. His words should be clear for the students. He must be able to publish his works so that it becomes a guide for the students. He must have an individual interest in approaching the projects. A professional writer must fulfill all the demands of students.
Unfortunately it is seen that many students face numerous problems while writing dissertation. The problems encountered by them are serious and major one. The first and foremost thing is that the students fail to select their guide. As a result of which they fail to complete their dissertation with proper format. They fail to collect relevant data. Poor planning and time management is also another issue.For most of the students it seen to be long time and they fail to plan their time properly. In order to complete it in a proper timeline they always go for pre written notes available in the market. As they do not get proper guidance and they commit plagiarism.
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