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The dissertation is the most important project of an undergraduate’s or postgraduate life. Therefore, pupils must pay proper attention to its organization. There are many regulations which are specified to appear in the header and footer of every page, and to the other minutiae of the layout. The pagination needs to be in a very standard from. The title page of the dissertation should include the title, table of contents, list of figures, and the formal notices. Further, the formal notices will include the declaration of uniqueness, confirmation of the ethics clearance, acknowledgments, and technical stuff. Then, the students should also know how to write the abstract. The abstract is a short summary of the dissertation in which the basic objective of the students is to converse the research done by him or her. Writing a good abstract is quite an art and there is no alternative for reading many abstracts to develop the knack of abridgment and also choosing the key points. Undeniably, summarizing and re-summarizing the abstract is a very useful exercise for the pupils. The word limit of the abstract is up to 200 words. Students must check the regulations provided to them by their professors and universities.
Composing a top-quality dissertation is one of the most menacing tasks for the pupils. They face many challenges in writing one. Students face problems in composing proper abstracts. They do not even know how to structure the dissertation in a proper format. Many students are not the native English speakers and thus they make mistakes in grammar and spellings. Also, students do not have apt research skills. Students waste their time in other activities and thus the dissertation task is delayed. Some of them are not able to find motivation to complete this tough task.
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