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Essays are literary compositions on the topics that also encompass the personal perspective of the writer. The subject chosen for writing is mainly of controversial nature so that the arguments can be structured properly and the conclusion reached is not a favored one. The writer of the essay is not only expected to include the facts in the content but analyze the information from a critical perspective. one of the most important things to do in essay writing is to section points into different paragraphs so that the reader can go through the points without having to search for it, this way the writer is also able to present the information in a coherent form. Essay writing is mostly related to the subject of English which is not false but not entirely true, an essay can be written on any subject and on any topic. For example, the subject of mathematics can also be used for writing an essay where the topic can be related to the discovery of numbers, application of numbers in real life, etc. In universities and mainly in the offices situated in America, essays are used as the appropriate medium for getting admission or filling the vacant position in the enterprise.
The essays are generally assumed by students to be boring in nature and due to such assumptions, the students do not explore the type of essays they can write to express themselves and share the knowledge. The structure of the essay writing is not followed by the students as they do not outline the topic before the writing. The mistakes in the grammar, sentence structure and in the spellings mark the low points of the essays and the teachers get the notion that the student is incapable of possessing basic academic skills, which results in the allocation of poor grades.
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