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Writing essays effectively has become very critical in order to obtain educational success. Nowadays, essays have become a part of standardized exams, common assignments from school, and the necessity for the college applicants. There are various types of essays, so they should not get confused. Following are some of the types of essays:

  1. Narrative essays: These essays are just like telling a story. In such type of essays, the writer has to recite a story about his/her life experience. Telling a story seems to be easy, but the students face challenges because they have to write the story themselves.
  2. Descriptive essays: The descriptive essays are like painting a picture with words and expression. In these essays, the writer has to describe a place, a person, an object or the reminiscence of a special implication. These types of essays are not useful for the sake of description.
  3. Expository essays: These types of essays are expository. The expository essays are the informative piece of write-ups which present the well-balanced investigation of the topic.
  4. Persuasive essays: Such types of essays persuade the readers to accept the point of view of a writer or recommendations.

Essay writing is a difficult task and nowadays students face a lot of hitches while completing an essay. Some of the students are not able to research for their essays. They have no idea whether the source of information. Some students do not have adequate writing skills and they make too many grammatical errors in their work. Pupils do not give credits to the resources and they end up getting low marks. Some of them are unable to put their creative thoughts onto the paper and thus, they suffer. After completing the essay, many students neglect proofreading.
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