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Finance plays an important role in the construction of new businesses, and also generates benefits from which the business enterprises can expand, i.e. increase the number of their employees and also lend a helping hand in supporting the other companies, federal and state government via payment of income taxes. The loans and the investments are the strategic utilization of instruments that are financial in nature for the success and growth of business enterprises. Financial inclination also classifies the state of the national economy on the global scale so that the central bank can structure monetary policies appropriately. The subject of finance deals with the process of generating, shifting and utilizing money so as to enable the smooth flow of the money via a company in a way that facilitates worldwide money flow. Finance is essential to the survival of the economy it is because when even one element of the financial process breaks down then the company including the entire economy enters the phase of recession. In schools and colleges, finance has been recognized as the significant subject to study it is because every individual should have the knowledge of finance so as to help himself/herself survive in the economy.
The students who are not fond of mathematics are likely to detest the subject of finance where the whole matter is about estimating the profits and risks from calculations. Homework given by the teachers to students for finance is mostly completely different from what they learned in the classroom and that confuses them and demotivates them to complete the assigned work on their own. The theoretical part of the subject does not receive much attention from the students and that is the main reason why they are not able to perform well in the practical portion as a result of which they lose marks.
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