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Writing a research paper is a very important task that the pupils are assigned these days. The major aspect of writing a research paper is to ensure that the all parts of the paper are in the systemized order. It is very vital to make the research paper very appealing, so that the readers take it seriously. The thing students need to remember while writing research papers is that it is based upon the hourglass structure. It has to commence with the common information while conducting the literature review and later, it becomes very specific as a student nails down the problematic area of the research and the hypothesis. Then it becomes more general when the students try to apply the results and findings in their piece of writing. While writing the research papers, students need to follow a correct format. The appropriate format includes an abstract, a prologue, methodology, results, discussion, conclusion, and the list of relevant references. One more thing that a pupil needs to remember is that the research predicament does not have to be a statement in particular. But it should imply what the student is trying to find from the research.
Most pupils find that composing a research paper is the hardest task that they have to complete in order to earn the college degrees. They find it brain draining and feel that it consumes their time. Pupils face various challenges in composing a research paper. Investigating and assembling data is one of the most hard and boring task that the students have to do. Surprisingly, there are many pupils who are not able to find the finest sources of information. They get confused which source is informative for their research papers. Majority of the pupils face issues in developing the argument or claim for the research paper.
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