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Statistics means collection, interpretation, analysing and organisation of data. In a simpler form statistics may be defined as the facts that can be stated in numbers or tabular or classified arrangements. When a census data cannot be collected then statistician collect data by using specified experiment designs and survey. There are basically two statistical method used in data analysis i.e. descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. Although statistics is a science and not mathematics, but using of mathematical models is an essential tool. The practice of statistics utilizes data from some populationin order to describe it meaningfully and to make informed decisions. Statistics are the key to scientific methodologies. Statistics is use to make inferences about parameters. Statistics is a tool for creating an understanding from set of numbers. It’s a way to get information from data. A statistics is a random variable that is the function of the random sample. The Probality distribution of statistics may have unknown parameters. Learning to understand statistics helps a person to react intelligently to statistical claims. Statistics are used in the fields of business, math, and accounting and other natural and social sciences. Statistics make mathematical theories more accurate. Government uses statistics federally and locally to make budgets and discover the cost of living.
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