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A term paper is a prolonged essay, report or like a case study written by the pupils as a project over the course of a term or a semester. When it comes to the organization of a term paper, then students need to be pay close attention. They should make sure that the organization is done in a well manner. If a term paper extends more than two to three pages or if it does not matches the requirement of page limits, then using the “Note Card” system can be very beneficial. By means of this system, students can produce note cards from the blank index cards. In these cards, students should fill up the information applicable to the subject matter of research. Organizing the information should readily be adapted by the pupils to use it with the word processor. In the upper right corner of the note card, “coding” the subject matter is essential and that is the side where the outline can also be written. In the upper left side, students should place the name of the author, the title, and also the page number. It is very significant to organize the cards in such a way that it coincides with the outline of the dissertation.
Writing a term paper is not an easy task as it seems to be. There are many pupils who encounter obstacles in composing a term paper. There are many pupils who fail in researching the topic of their term paper. They are not able to decide how to write the thesis statement. Pupils also face difficulties in providing a link between the thesis statement and the subject matter of the term paper. They do not know how to support the term paper with sufficient information which is appropriate only to the topic of the term paper.
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